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About Boxing Elite London

We firmly believe that boxing is suitable for people of all ages, sizes and levels of experience and as such we have enlisted the services of world class coaches who have the knowledge to benefit anyone, regardless of their boxing skill set. Just tell us what you want to achieve and we will assist you in making it happen!

In our experience many gyms have two levels of boxing; one level is serious and the other is really serious...where is the fun?? An atmosphere such as this is tense and uninviting, and in some cases trainers aren’t even involved in training their own students. If you have experienced the same kind of treatment and want a venue where you can train with ease and enjoy your workout whilst learning a plethora of new skills, then Boxing Elite London is the perfect place for you to start. Using the best equipment you will have 100% of the trainer’s time while working out in a vibrant surrounding.

One-on-One Personal Training

Personal boxing sessions are designed to meet your individual needs and can help you learn various boxing techniques. Gaining boxing tips and advice, you will be able to improve your coordination through ‘pad work’ which will eventually help you to build your stamina and strength. One-on-One Personal Training targets the areas you want to work on directly with NO interference from others. For example, if your goal is to lose weight or tone up, this can be done so with the trainer’s guidance. In one hour you could burn up to 900Kcal!

Two-on-One Training Sessions (two students)

This is a more challenging way of training; if you and a friend want to train together why not share the session? This means both of you can work on the same technique and at the same time challenging each other to work harder and improve faster. We make each session fun and exciting by combining boxing movements with interesting exercises to improve your fitness.

Group Classes

bieg1Working out in a group becomes more competitive - making you work harder. Technique and guidance is up to us, but the intensity of your training is up to you, therefore there is no need to feel uncomfortable, unfit or uncoordinated. You have the power to change your fitness in a couple of sessions! In our boxing classes you will train like a boxer by practising boxing drills, tactics and ‘real fight’ scenarios which inevitably make our classes more challenging. These methods of training work most if not all the muscles in the body whilst building strength and stamina, which are natural products of a boxing workout and as such all will also improve speed while keeping body fat to a minimal level.